This is the story of the 140 (5th London) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

LAST UPDATE: 26th December 2021

This site was constructed in the autumn of 2019, just before the 80th Anniversary of the 1940 Battle of Dunkirk.

I have been very fortunate to have received a stream of new historical information through relatives of men of the Regiment and others, which has been added to the site through regular updates.  Thanks to them, I have been able to add elements of the Regiment’s history post-Dunkirk and to include descriptions of conditions in captivity for the many men of the Regiment, like my father, who became POWs.

The Regiment’s 367 Battery became part of 145 Brigade, tasked with a last-ditch and desperate defence of the French hilltop town of Cassel during the final week of May 1940.  I will suggest that the defence of Cassel was critical to the success of Operation Dynamo and the importance of this action had been under-recognised.

The site is dedicated to my father Eric West and the men who served alongside him in the 140 (5th London) Regiment, Royal Artillery, a London-based Territorial unit.  It is also dedicated to the British Army rearguard at Dunkirk, of whom over 11,000 were killed, 14.000 were injured and 41,300 were listed as missing or captured.

[The image is a Royal Artillery flag flying at the site of 367 Battery’s position at the Belgian hamlet of Ere on the Escaut line]

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This site tells the wartime story of my father Eric West, and that of his Regiment (the 140 (5th London) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery) during the Regiment's battles in Flanders as part of the British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F) in May 1940. Eric Douglas West served in the Royal Artillery 140th Field Regiment and was promoted...

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