War Diary

War Diary 2nd March- 9th May 1940

140th Regiment’s War Diary was written in two discrete parts.  The records covering the period 2nd March-10th May 1940 was written contemporaneously and in detail.  It was probably transcribed from Officers’ dictation by the Regimental typists.

War Diary 10th-29th May 1940

After the 10th May 1940, when the Regiment went into combat in Belgium, a formal War Diary record was either not kept or lost in the combat action.

1940 Calendar showing the dates of the beginning of military action on Friday 10th May and the final battle of the Regiment’s campaign that took place on Thursday 29th May, a timescale of 19 days.

The War Diary that does exist for this period is condensed into seven pages of a more succinct, and understated, retrospective record based on an interview with Major Christopherson dated 25th June 1945.


Cover Page, 140th Field Regiment, RA War Diary, kept at the National Archives, Kew, London 

Nominal Roll of Officers

A list of the Officers serving in France, dated 24th March 1940.

Of the Regiment’s Senior Officers, Major Milton died of wounds sustained in action; Lt Col Odling and Major Christopherson were both injured and captured at Cassel and Lt Colonel Brooks was evacuated at Dunkirk.

Capts. Westley, Hood, MacDougall and Sirkett were captured. Lt. Jeffrey was wounded and captured at Casssel;  2nd Lts.  Bennett and Stephens were also wounded and captured, 2nd Lts. Rowland, Fitch, Budd were captured.

The Regiments’ Medical Officer Lt. Lacey and Lt. Layton (Royal Signals) were both captured at Cassel;  Chaplain Beale was injured and escaped at Dunkirk. 

Plan D

War Diary outlining the Secret ‘Plan D’, the advance to the Dyle in the event of the expected German invasion of Belgium.


Further outline of ‘Plan D’ 


War diary page showing code names for various Belgian towns. 


April 1940- air liaison 

April 1940 Recreation for the men, just a few weeks before the German invasion

War Diary 10th-14th May, Dyle Line. Page 1

War Diary 10th-14th May 1940, following the German invasion of Belgium.


War Diary 15th-18th May, Dyle to Tournai. Page 2

War Diary. Covering the Action and Withdrawal from the Dyle, 15th -18th May 1940


War Diary 19th-23rd May, Wannehain. Page 3

War Diary. In action in Wannehain, 19th-23rd May 1940, including the separation of the 366 and 367 Battery.


War Diary 24th-26th May, Cassel. Page 4

War Diary. 367 Battery joins Macforce and then moves to Cassel, 24th-26th May 1940


War Diary 27th May, Cassel. Page 5

War Diary. Cassel, 27th May 1940


War Diary 28th-29th May, Cassel. Page 6

War Diary. Battle of Cassel, 28th-29th May 1940


War Diary 29th May, Cassel. Page 7

The final page of the War Diary signed by Major Christopherson on 25th June 1945.