140th Regiment in Action at Ere, 19th – 22nd May 1940

The Regiment arrived on a ridge  to the West of the River Escaut and set up both Batteries and Regimental HQ in farmland near the Belgian village of Ere, about 3 miles south of Tournai.

The grid references locate the farmhouse which served as HQ and the two fields where the 18-pounders were deployed.  The farmhouse still stands although there are few traces of the Regiment’s association with the building. In the adjacent field, however, we were able to find a Royal Artillery cap badge at the site of 366 Battery’s deployment, together with a live German Artillery shell.


War Diary, 19th May 1940

At 0200 hrs. the Regiment arrived at WANNEHAIN and bivouacked. At 0800 hrs. I was sent to a recce. position for the Regiment in the area East of ERE . The Regiment  followed later during the day and went into action as follows:- 366 Battery about H 913288 and 367 Battery about H 913292 with H.Q. in a farm about H 912291.’