Finds at Ere


Royal Artillery Cap Badge with the RA motto ‘Ubique quo pas et Gloria Ducunt’, ‘Everywhere, where faith and glory lead’.

The 140th Regiment’s brief association with Ere in May 1940 is perhaps one of the easiest to trace as the site exactly matches the description and grid reference given in the War Diary.   The farmhouse still stands, although there are no signs inside of the Regiment’s association with the building.  In the adjacent fields, at the site of 367 Battery’s deployment, however, we were able to recover a Royal Artillery cap badge that must have lain undisturbed there for 80 years, together with an un-exploded German artillery shell.


Royal Artillery cap badge found in 2019 at the site of 367 Battery deployment.


German Artillery shell found near the Farmhouse

366 Battery’s position adjacent to the Farmhouse HQ (in the background) at Ere.