[First Combat 14th-16th May 1940]

First Combat 14th-16th May 1940

As agreed by the Allies prior to the German invasion,  the Belgian army was on the left flank of the main British position and the French 1st Army was to their right. The 140th Regiment’s first combat firing took place from its position about 2-3 miles behind the Dyle line on the high ground between Huldenberg and Overyssche on the 14th May 1940.

Further combat firing took place on the 15th and 16th May, including a barrage of fire on the evening of 16th May to protect the infantry in response to a SOS signal (probably a colour-coded Very light fired by forward infantry).

War Diary 14th May
‘First contact was made with the enemy in the evening’.

15th May
‘At 19.00 hrs. The Regiment opened a heavy bombardment on enemy Infantry concentrations on the East side of the River Dyle.’

16th May
‘In the afternoon I was sent to report to the Commander Royal Artillery 1st Division And on arrival was told that we were required to withdraw and defend the West of BRUSSELS. At 20.00 hrs. the Regiment opened fire in answer to an S.O.S. and at 21.00 hrs. the Regiment withdrew from their positions’.