Grand Party- Lt Colonel Graham Brooks


'Grand Party' front dust-cover
‘Grand Party’ front dust-cover

Lt Col Brooks

One of the Regiment’s Commanding Officers, Lt-Colonel Graham Brooks, M.C. wrote an illustrated book about his experiences with 140th Field Regiment in France and Flanders entitled ‘Grand Party‘.  Brooks describes the men of the Regiment in admiring and affectionate terms and also writes some personal analysis of how the German assault had been so devastatingly successful.

The forward was written by John Gordon, in it he says about the Dunkirk battles: ‘from this little human story of what happened to one Regiment you will get a clear picture of what happened to the entire British Army’.

The book was written in 1941, it is now out of print but rare copies are obtainable.

366 Battery

Grand Party is a valuable record of day-to-day life in the Regiment, and in particular contains the only account of 366 Battery, which Brooks commanded after the separation of the Regiment on 23rd May 1940.  It includes a description of their escape to Dunkirk and return to England.



Inside cover


A cartoon depiction of Lt-Col Brooks by ‘Strube’, one of the men in the Regiment


Another cartoon depiction of Lt Col Brooks, together with an unofficial 140th Regiment ‘logo’ by Lance Bombardier S. Jeffery, who survived the War.