140th Regiment Withdraws to the Escaut line, 16th-18th May 1940

War Diary 16th May 1940

‘In the afternoon I was sent to report to the C.R.A. 1 Division . And on arrival was told that we were required to withdraw and defend the West of BRUSSELS. At 2000 hrs. the Regiment.opened fire in answer to an S.O.S. and at 2100 hrs. the Regiment withdrew from their positions’.


17th May 1940

At 0300 hrs. the Regiment arrived at VEER BERGEN ( the Regiment had been delayed coming through BRUSSELS). The Regiment did not go into action. At 1930 hrs. I was sent off to recce. an area around STEENHOUT. I returned to the Regiment and at 2200 hrs. the Regiment moved off and arrived at 23.59 hrs’ and went into action in the area between STEENHOUT and the main road ENGHIEN  – NINOVE . The Regiment did no firing and touch could not be made with either the enemy or our own Infantry.’